IT Information

For MCAS account login and account creation changes from 15th July 2023, please refer to the MCAS Parent Guide below.

Please make sure you logging in using the email address that you have provided to us. If you need to add or amend your contact details, please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

MCAS login

- Note: When creating a Password, it must meet the following criteria:

-8 or more characters
-1 special character (!$+_)**Please see note below
-1 uppercase character
-1 lowercase character
-1 numeric character

Logging in / Password Error
**If you have set a password but are unable to log in with your username and password - please reset your password using the below as special character options:

! (exclamation mark)
$ (dollar sign)
+ (plus)
_ (underscore)

Already use MCAS with another school?
Refer to the MCAS Parent Guide on how to switch views to see each child at different schools.

To Toggle Between Multiple Students

In the app or on the website, click on the name of the child next to their photograph, this will open a list of other children associated with the user account.

To switch between each child, click on the photograph or name to show the drop down list.

Account holders WILL NOT be able to see each other’s details through MCAS but they will both be able to see the child's details separately through their own MCAS Accounts.

Why do I receive some communications in the app and some to my email address?
SMS texts and plain text emails can be sent to the app but emails with links in them (such as Google forms) are sent to your email address.




Pupils can log in to Google Drive to complete and save work. Access to your Google Drive and Google Classroom is available both in and out of school.

  • Click the image above or click here to go to Google.
  • Sign in with your usual user ID and password.
  • You will need to add after your ID the first time you sign in on any computer/device. You can copy and paste it from here.

Office 365
office 365 logo

As part of our Microsoft licensing agreement, all pupils have access to an Office 365 account. This provides access to Office 365 online, with the option to install Office on up to 5 devices.

To access their account pupils can click the image above or go to in the same way that they access Google by signing in with their usual user ID and password, adding the: to the end of their user ID.

School Cloud - Parents' Evening

schoolcloud        Parent Login: