Curriculum - including Character Education

Aston Fields Middle School
Governing Body
Curriculum Statement
September 2023

At Aston Fields Middle School, teaching develops pupils’ knowledge, skills and understanding and takes place within a broad and balanced curriculum. This builds on pupils’ prior learning and is accompanied by an effective social, moral, spiritual and cultural ethos, which helps to develop and prepare pupils for life in modern Britain. Aston Fields Middle School follows the National Curriculum as introduced in September 2014.

The curriculum at Aston Fields Middle School:

a) Actively promotes the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs. This is underpinned by the school’s ethos of providing a caring, family atmosphere based on courtesy, co-operation, mutual respect and good manners, as well as our character education programme.

b) Promotes tolerance of, and respect for, people of other faiths, cultures and lifestyles with effective social, moral, spiritual and cultural development of pupils, including through engaging pupils in extra-curricular activity and local community links.

c) Includes a balanced approach to pupils’ religious education which is broadly Christian but encompasses all major world faiths.

d) Includes a variety of assemblies which help to promote pupils’ social, moral, spiritual and cultural development, providing clear guidance on what is right and wrong and supports pupils character education.

Our pupils learn across two key stages here at Aston Fields Middle School. Years 5 and 6 are the completion of the Key Stage 2 curriculum, culminating in the SATS test in Year 6. The pupils then continue into Key Stage 3 through Year 7 and Year 8. Key Stage 3 is completed in Year 9 at High School.

There are 5 x 1 hour lessons = 25 hours learning time.

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If you would like to know more about the curriculum at Aston Fields Middle School, please contact Mrs J Birrel, Deputy Headteacher.