Year 5

"Pupils' behaviour is outstanding. Pupils enjoy attending the school and are full of enthusiasm for their learning. Pupils feel safe and are very positive about their school. They are polite and respectful towards others. Conduct in lessons and around school is impeccable." - Ofsted


Year 5 Staff:

Mrs L Wildsmith  Director of Year Group 5
Miss A Nowak 5AN -  Assistant Director of Year Group 5
Mrs M Davidson/Miss M Herlihy/Mrs E Lovett 5DL
Mr Luke Garwood/Miss C Ward (Assistant SENDco) 5CW
Mrs G Eno/Mrs F Hooper 5EH
Mrs D Goulder/Miss A Bryan 5GB


Welcome to Key Stage 2

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Welcome To KS2 English - Mrs Birrell - Assistant Headteacher and Director of English Welcome To KS2 Maths - Mrs Weston - Lead Teacher for KS2 Mathematics



Year 5

Pupils in Year 5 are offered a range of experiences, opportunities and activities throughout the year to encourage them to transition to Aston Fields Middle School and feel very much a part of their new school from the very first day. They work closely with their form teachers and experience a range of curriculum subjects within their forms and different teaching groups, allowing them to form new friendships and develop new skills.

Y5 2

In the first few weeks, the pupils work in their form classes for most subjects. In English, they study Macbeth and explore the witches as they cast a spell and then write their own poems, choosing spell ingredients to make us all shiver and gasp. We celebrate this work by holding a poetry performance morning, where pupils share their work confidently to the whole year group. The performances are always fun, energetic and inspiring!


Y5 4 Y5 5


Extra-curricular activities and clubs

There are a wide range of clubs and activities, run before and after school. These offer all pupils in the school a range of experiences, helping them to develop new friendships and work together with other pupils. Pupils in Year 5 are offered additional activities during lunchtime they can choose to join in with. These include a Maths and English Computer Club, allowing pupils to access a range of websites in school to practise key skills, such as spelling and times tables, in a fun and engaging way. There is also a Homework Club where pupils can complete any of their weekly tasks, supported by staff and Wellbeing Mentors.
Many pupils also develop their musical skills, by taking instrumental lessons or joining the orchestra or one of the choirs that are available.


Homeworkclub Y5 7



Pupils will normally receive Maths and English homework each week.  In English, pupils are given a homework folder and receive either a grammar and punctuation task, or a comprehension task which consolidates prior learning.  In addition, pupils will complete activities set on Spelling Shed and Century Tech to recall and build upon their knowledge and understanding within SPaG and comprehension.  Pupils will record their log-in details, to access these websites, in their homework diaries.

In addition, pupils should be reading their Renaissance books every night for at least 20 minutes. To support reading skills, pupils will find it helpful if parents/carers could ask a range of retrieval and inference questions based on their current Renaissance book.

In Maths, pupils are given a homework folder and receive a task each week, which either consolidates prior learning or prepares them for the next topic. Pupils are also encouraged to practise times tables to 12 x 12 on a regular basis. Teachers may set online homework using websites such as Times Table Rockstars, Sumdog, Mathletics and MyMaths.  Pupils will record their log-in details, to access these websites, in their homework diaries.   

In addition to Maths and English, Year 5 pupils may receive homework in Science and History/Geography. This could be a stand-alone task or part of an ongoing project.

There is a weekly Homework Club where pupils are able to complete both written and online homework with the support from a member of staff.

PSD days

We regularly explore what it means to be us, how we are all individuals and the different characteristics, values and skills we all demonstrate and develop. We have special days during the year when we celebrate who we are and discover more about teamwork, values and character through a range of different activities led by staff and visitors to the school.


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